Weekly hangouts

Russian-speaking parents and children are warmly welcome to the weekly hangouts. The organization has been organising meetings at various spaces in the Helsinki metropolitan area since 2011.

Prenatal course

The association organizes free childbirth coaching courses in Russian. The course is primarily aimed at women being pregnant for the first time in Finland.

During the course, issues related to the health of women and children, practical issues of childbirth and the time after childbirth are discussed.

Question dot

The association offers personal counselling to Russian-speaking immigrants in Finland in matters relating to the country, it’s society, integration and any other immigration questions. The activities support the integration of women in Finland in particular.

The topics covered relate to public administration, health, education and employment.

Doula support

KlubOk offers an opportunity to have doula support during your childbirth. The personal assistant will make sure that you feel safe, will help you to relax, and will become reliable support on one of the happiest and most important days of your life!

Special children

Speaking Finnish

Free consultations

Free consultations