Russian-speaking parents and children are warmly welcome to the weekly meetings. The organization holds those meetings at various offices in the Helsinki metropolitan area since 2011.

During the evening you can take a break from everyday routine, meet other parents, ask questions about Finnish society and living in Finland, get advice about the childbearing and upbringing, nutrition, health and many other topics. During this time, your children will be able to play with their peers and toys.
Attendance at meetings is free and open to all. If you have any questions, please contact the person, responsible for meetings in your area.

Vuosaari, Helsinki

Mustakivi leikkipuisto, Vedenottamontie 6

Contact person: 044 910 2894, Ekaterina

Tikkurila, Vantaa

Avoin päiväkoti Ukko-Pekka, Aniskuja 3, Vantaa

Contact person: 041 752 3882, Galina

Kivistö, Vantaa

Asukastila Rubiini, Rubiinikehä 2b, Vantaa

Contact person: 044 277 7784, Jelizaveta

Leppävaara, Espoo

Perkkaan asukaspuisto, Majurinpolku 3, Espoo

Contact person: 045 7871 7255, Nadezda

Matinkylä, Espoo

Matinkylän asukaspuisto, Matinraitti 12, Espoo

Contact person: 040 186 6188, Aleksandra

Meetings for mothers of autistic children, Helsinki

Graniittitie, Graniittitie 9, Helsinki

Contact person: 044 774 5091, Alena

Our rules

1. All children present at weekly meetings are our children. We take care of everyone equally. We are responsible for our own.
2. After playing, the toys are returned to their places.
3. Leave personal toys in the entrance hall, so we don’t look for them later. All toys are common. We play with playground toys together or one after another.
4. We resolve conflicts between children peacefully and together. You can turn to other mothers for help, if you need any.
5. Food must not be transported to the playroom, we only eat in the kitchen.
6. Please come healthy! We prevent the spread of infectious diseases among children and adults.
7. The dishwasher starts at 6.30 pm. This means that all containers used must be there. Everyone is responsible for dishes they or their children use. After 6.30 pm the dishes that did not end up in the dishwasher, must be washed by hand and returned to their original places.
8. Everyone clean up after them. We keep our meeting place clean!